Friday, December 20, 2013

The making of our Gingerbread house

After a few minutes of having started our gingerbread house we had to say out loud, "Ok, this is supposed to be fun. Let's not get frustrated." And for the most part, we did pretty good. Taryn was so excited to start our house and help (and eat) with the decorations. 

We couldn't get the walls to stay up. Our frosting bag exploded. Those dumb candies would not stick.  I had to feed Hadleigh after we had pushed back making the house for far too long so I couldn't help Tyson with a majority of the construction. By the end we had a hot chocolate mug holding up the roof til' it dried, Tys, Taryn & I were covered in frosting and our sliding roof was getting out of control. We discovered we are not gingerbread house building people :)

This is my "It's been crazy!" smile (and hair!). But we had a happy toddler :)

The finished product. 
It smells delicious and if it wasn't as hard as a rock, I would have eaten it all already 
(I have tried to several times already)

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