Thursday, December 19, 2013

Quotes from Taryn over the past few months

"I got for this!" (I forgot this!)

As she carries a backpack full of books:
B- "Going to work?"
Lil' T- "Ya, I go to work. I take my bottle (sippy cup)
B-"Yes, everyone takes their bottle to work!" hehe

Taryn at dinner: "Guys! I gonna eat you! AHHH!" as she eats her peas and broccoli

Lil' T- "Mommy, you happy?"
B- "Yes, I'm happy."
Lil' T- "Mommy, you happy cause you love me?"
B-"Yes, Taryn! I am happy because I love you!"

Taryn in the bath: "Mommy, I swimming like a goldfish!"

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