Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Zoolights at the National Zoo

We headed to the National Zoo Christmas Zoolights this past weekend with our friends. We weren't planning on doing zoolights again but it was all Taryn could talk about. So we quickly added it to our list of Christmas To-Do.  It was cold and by the time we took this picture we were heading back up hill to the entrance and Taryn said she was getting tired. Running around while its literally freezing outside can do that to you. It looks like she's saying, "Fine....I'll take ONE picture and then I'm going home..." but she was really loving the lights and being with her friend Logan.  

She is becoming so brave! While Taryn walked up with Tyson I kept thinking how there was no way she would go down once she saw what it looked like from above. She didn't hesitate once and wanted to go again after coming down. 

After eating our packed dinners inside this warm cafeteria, these two ran around and really warmed themselves up for round two of outside Christmas light gazing. 

Before heading home we grabbed some hot chocolate and I had one of the most embarrassing nursing experiences ever. I'm just grateful for an awesome husband who makes it easy to tag team, good friends who are there to help, and children who always keep me on my toes. 

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