Wednesday, December 4, 2013

In DC with our friends for the weekend

Our good friends, the Boushleys, came in town over Thanksgiving. We're so glad that Aaron's sister lives close to us so we get to see them more! 
Just like us, the Boushleys have moved every year they have been married. Lucky for us, two of those moves involved us getting to know them better when we lived in Arizona. While I was working nights, Tyson would play with the Boushleys because they lived just a few doors down. We've loved keeping up with their adventures and we're happy that their current adventure (a Master's for Elena!) led them to New York- so much closer to us than Seattle, Washington.

We met up with Elena and Aaron on Saturday and visited the Air & SpaceMuseum and the Botanic Garden's Holiday Exhibit. Taryn still LOVES the trains, the water, and all the plants at the Botanic Gardens.

Elena, the Bear of moss, and our TarBear

Taryn loves her clothes to have pockets in them. She sticks her hands into her jean pockets, skirt pockets, and if she's lucky, dress pockets. Just today she looked down at her shirt and said, "Mama, where are my holes?!" She was deeply concerned that her shirt was missing pockets and wanted me to go get them- haha!

Hadleigh was there too, just sleeping in her stroller.

This picture cracks me up every time.
 Her face is so serious...and her hand pose...such a funny girl

We had a fantasic day with great friends and can't wait for our turn to visit them!!

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