Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sister love

"Ohh mom! Haddie looking at me!"

"Look mom, I be gentle!"

Love them with all my heart

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Our Friday

Ready and happy to go to the park! Well, that is until we got there and it was just too cold! Taryn showed me her cold hands and asked for gloves. I hadn't bought a hat or gloves for her this season yet so the next best thing was my sweater. It was huge on her and she got a good laugh out of trying to play with it on. But we finally decided it was just too cold with the wind and 50 degree temperature (mama didn't layer her up. This cold cold weather hit fast and I didn't expect it to be THAT cold!!)

So we went to Barnes and Noble and played forever at the train table. They have another section of the store just for kids with building blocks. But today, our attention was given to the trains and stuffed animals. Endless entertainment! And we were warm!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Week by week she just keeps growing!

Hadleigh at 1 week old

Hadleigh at 3 weeks old

How is it that they can change so much in just a few weeks?! She barely fits into her newborn outfits which seemed so big on her when she got home from the hospital. She's adding more chub to those chubby checks and looks more like Tyson's baby photos than Taryn did. There are times I feel guilty putting her down in her bassinet or bouncer because when she wakes up I know she has grown just a little more. 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Packing peanuts explosion

Taryn thought the "popcorn" would be fun to play with. 
I saw the dumping take place as my arms were full, calming Hadleigh. 
And there was nothing I could do about it. 
She got in a good few minutes of playing with them before Tyson and I cleaned them up- because asking our toddler to help only spread the mess further and resulted in the peanuts being smushed more and therefore of no use to us. 
Things are getting pretty crazy around here with 10 days to go until our move.
The only option is to just laugh at it all and take pictures to remember. :)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Some of my favorite things recently

Newborn cuddles that last forever 
(Love the little toddler hiding by the towel and love the spit up on my shirt too!)

When she says, "Mom, I'm so proud of you!"  (I love what they pick up from us) or  "Mom, I have a surprise for you!" and pulls back the blanket she used to hide a toy or imaginary item. She melts my heart when she turns to me and says, "Big hug?" Always TarBear, always.

When these two spend time together. 
Running errands- just the two of them. Eating frozen yogurt for two at Costco. 
Playing at the library and the parks together. Love them.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Goodnight story time with the girls

Tyson finished reading the 4-5 children's story books to Taryn as part of her bedtime routine while I sat on the couch with them feeding & burping Hadleigh. Taryn brushed her teeth with help from Daddy, we read scriptures, and said family prayer. Then Taryn climbed into bed and requested another book, like always. Ok, one more- like always. But she wanted Mommy to read it. So I took Hadleigh from my arms and placed her beside Taryn. Taryn just giggled. She had her arm wrapped behind Hadleigh, providing comfort and friendship and continued to say to me, "I snuggle Haddie!" over and over. She gently kissed her little sister's forehead many times. 
These girls together just make me so happy. 

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Her little friend

These two are such good friends. 
They were taking a break at the park and sharing goldfish crackers after running around for what seemed like forever! 
Where do they find all their energy?! 
Just a few minutes before this picture, this little man took a bad fall on the slide. Taryn came to me asking where he had gone. When I pointed to his mom and said he got hurt (he was in her arms) Taryn went over to him and offered a goldfish cracker. 
Totally melted my heart. 
One minute after this photo was taken, Taryn placed her hand on his little shoulder and there it sat, providing comfort, for a few seconds. 
Again, my heart melted. 
 Sharing toys and waiting patiently for her turn can be hard sometimes but these little moments happen and make me so proud of her sweet little heart. 
I am so glad she has a little buddy who loves to play hide and seek behind the park trees just as much as she does. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

The past week - adjusting to new life settings.

Helping out mom and staying entertained while indoors

Went to check on Hadleigh and found some new toys in her bassinet. 
You know Taryn really loves her baby sister when she is willing to part with her beloved Sophie

"Mom, I want to paint." A daily saying around here

Just so sweet and calm

"Mom, take a picture of me!" as she smashed the rest of her beans with her bare hands during dinner.

I think someone's excited to be in this family :)

Her new princess jammies which she loves to twirl in.

We have been taking things very slowly around here as we adjust our life settings. I've been recovering which is going a lot better/faster than I remember from last time and Taryn has been out with a cold/cough. I'm thankful for all the rain because it makes me feel less guilty about staying inside while Taryn & I are on the mend. Thanks to help from so many, I've been able to focus on the needs of my little family and tackle the to-do list for our upcoming move. 

I've done so much laundry just in the past few days. Most are newborn items covered with spit up,
some toddler peed-on sheets & blankets, and some are clothes I've pulled out of storage as we transition Taryn from her 2T summer clothes to 3T-5T winter clothes. She has grown so much!

I'm convinced that Hadleigh was trained professionally in Spit Up 101- one incident resulted in projectile baby spit up in my eye- She's got skills. Thankfully, I think she is past that phase for which my clothes are grateful :) 

I dropped Taryn off a preschool this week and looked in the backseat of my car. I still had a child back there! It was such a funny thing to realize that I have two daughters and when one is away, there is still one to be cared for. I would love to say, "I am so on top of this mothering-of-two thing" but I am so not. And I am surprisingly ok with that.  I sat down to nurse Hadleigh while Taryn did flips and kicks around the house, showing off her gymnastic skills. That's when I spotted the two leaks on her bottom. Oops! Guess I fell behind on her diaper changes that morning. I had to just laugh and continue sitting there- not able to do a thing about it until I finished nursing. 
Thankfully, we've got great kids who still love us even if we forget to change their diapers in a timely fashion. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

T, B & T plus our little she. Our family of four

Hadleigh Paige Smith

 October 3rd, 2013
7 lbs 2 oz
20 inches long

*We love those chubby little checks *