Thursday, October 17, 2013

Her little friend

These two are such good friends. 
They were taking a break at the park and sharing goldfish crackers after running around for what seemed like forever! 
Where do they find all their energy?! 
Just a few minutes before this picture, this little man took a bad fall on the slide. Taryn came to me asking where he had gone. When I pointed to his mom and said he got hurt (he was in her arms) Taryn went over to him and offered a goldfish cracker. 
Totally melted my heart. 
One minute after this photo was taken, Taryn placed her hand on his little shoulder and there it sat, providing comfort, for a few seconds. 
Again, my heart melted. 
 Sharing toys and waiting patiently for her turn can be hard sometimes but these little moments happen and make me so proud of her sweet little heart. 
I am so glad she has a little buddy who loves to play hide and seek behind the park trees just as much as she does. 

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