Friday, October 18, 2013

Goodnight story time with the girls

Tyson finished reading the 4-5 children's story books to Taryn as part of her bedtime routine while I sat on the couch with them feeding & burping Hadleigh. Taryn brushed her teeth with help from Daddy, we read scriptures, and said family prayer. Then Taryn climbed into bed and requested another book, like always. Ok, one more- like always. But she wanted Mommy to read it. So I took Hadleigh from my arms and placed her beside Taryn. Taryn just giggled. She had her arm wrapped behind Hadleigh, providing comfort and friendship and continued to say to me, "I snuggle Haddie!" over and over. She gently kissed her little sister's forehead many times. 
These girls together just make me so happy. 

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