Monday, August 9, 2010

R.I.P Potato Salad

Poor little potatoes, eggs, celery, green onions, mayo and mustard etc... they never saw it coming...

when I stepped into the kitchen on Sunday afternoon I was confident I could take on anything! I've tried my hand at many many things and I was happy to try something new, something different. I dared to do what this Brianna had never done before... make Potato Salad.

Anyone that knows my Aunt Glenna knows that she is the QUEEN of Potato Salad. I can remember piling my plate high with her wonderful creation after a long day of swimming in her pool on a hot summer's day. Trying to hold my beach towel around me and get a second big scoop was all that mattered.

I would eat it first. Before my hot, juicy hamburger, before the delicious watermelon, and before the crunchy chips. Potato salad is a perfect summer food and must be eaten first in my opinion. I could remember the perfect consistency of the fluffy side dish and the color and my favorite- the celery pieces I would find. So good.

Our friends the Griffen's invited us and our other friends, the Boushley's, over for a Sunday BBQ. It's summer, it's hot, and I love burgers straight from the grill....with potato salad of course! I instantly volunteered to make the perfect side dish, the one I was certain would get Blue Ribbons and praises for years to come. "I will bring Potato Salad!"

Now I usually bring dessert. I love dessert. But this special occasion called for something greater. And I was very excited! I called up my Mom and asked her for my Aunt Glenna's recipe. I was SHOCKED when she read it to me.

20 potatoes
green onions
squirt of mustard
sweet pickle relish

.....I laughed. "Mom, are you serious? I've never made this before!" My mom laughed and said, "Just do it until it tastes good. Glenna does it to taste." To taste- not a probably for me. I remembered how it tasted so well that I new I could do it. But really? I should have called my Aunt at this point to ask for extra pointers. But I was crunched for time. So with potatoes boiling and eggs cooked, I was chopping and mixing up a storm, getting ready for perfection.

Out came the potatoes and I mixed everything together.(I was measuring as I went and writting down what I would need in the future.) It tasted just alittle bland,
so in went more salt.
Just a little more green onions....
there....tastes great!
But the look of it.....not so great.
Why does my potato salad look broken. I wanted to cry. And almost did...5 times. Tyson came over and I said, "Taste this and tell me what you think," holding back the tears. "It tastes good. But it looks a little different. CRUSHED.
We were leaving in 30 minutes and I had no idea what to do. No one wants to eat something that looks...different...even if it does taste good. Failure.
I put the bowl of potato mishap in the fridge to cool. I laid on the couch and thought...."will they invite us back despite my horrible looking salad? will they still be our friends? will the story of our pathetic potato whatnot spread around the ward." I turned to Tyson and asked, "Will you eat my Potato Salad and the BBQ?" He said, "Ya! It tastes good." Then we heard the Boushley's knock. Carpool time. I was so distraught. I didn't want to look anyone in the eye for fear of crying.

At the Griffen's I tried to explain the whole mishap and how disappointed I was. Elena Boushley lifted my spirits when she told of how her family refers to "firsts" of making anything in the kitchen as a "Sacrifice to the (fill in the blank) gods. "
She declared mine a Sacrifice to the Potato Salad gods. I really do have great friends. They lifted my spirits and made me feel better- as did Tyson. When the first bites were taken, Aaron Boushley said, "The Potato Salad tastes good!" I turned away and laughed. I just looked at my plate and saw the mishap...staring me back in the face....R.I.P Potato Salad.

My mom laughed when I told her. She then told me what I had done wrong. I felt so But at least I know how to do it now!
And next summer, my potato salad will win awards, blue ribbons, and praises for years to come.
"Just you wait Henry Higgins...just you wait...."

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  1. Brianna, it could be so much worse! What if it looked "different" AND tasted different. What great advice from friends-sacrifice to the potato salad gods.! Hazah! And yes, I am sure the next time you make it younwill win a blue ribbon. I love that about you. Cheers to another lesson learned in the kitchen. I once read a dedication in a book about entertaining where the author thanked all her friends who allowed her to practice on them. Heaven bless good friends!