Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The End of Summer

I can't believe how fast it's gone by! Tyson starts school again on Thursday and we will both be taking Institute classes. This summer has been chalk full of exciting adventures and unexpected events! We had a lot of fun staying busy! Just to name a few of our adventures from the start of our summer....

Ashley and Peter's wedding
Tonto National Bridge with the Smith Family
Hiking the Wind Caves with Tyson
Sushi with the Dopps
Christie's Bridal Shower
Totaling my car
American Idol with Tyson Seacrest
Scottsdale Contemporary Art Museum
The infamous candle wax incident
Getting a new car
New Calling
Staying with Trevor and Whitney in Utah- Park City
Christie and Justin's wedding
Lake Powell
Tyson's 23rd Birthday
Boys and Girls Club Volunteer Event at Target
The G.R.E!
Harrison's Baptism
Family Birthdays galore!
and plenty of Gilmore Girls, Harry Potter, 24, and Lost. ( we don't have T.V. so we watch the seasons on our computer)
and lots of learning and growing together.

I wish a could post at least one picture with each one but that would be the longest blog post in history! I am definitely looking forward to fall. Especially since our air conditioner broke last night....yup...it was 101 degrees at 8:50pm. Miserable night of sleep was to follow.....Maintenance is working right now to fix it!

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