Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How to Get Candle Wax out of the Carpet

Just follow these simple steps!

1. Light a candle and keep it burning for hours
2. Try to blow out the candle and accidentally make it fall off the computer desk
3. Scream from pain of hot wax ALL OVER your hands,legs,face, etc...
4. Rush to the sink to cool off said wax
5. Carry candle that has fallen over to the sink so it stops dripping everywhere
6. Survey the damage
7. Moment of silence
8. Wonder how in the world you are going to get this green candle out of the carpet, off the desk,off appliances etc..
9. Have husband and wife scrape off ridiculous amounts of wax into garbage can
10. Let husband google "How to get wax out of carpet" for solutions
11. Read about how paper bags and warm irons do wonders
12. Miraculously find oodles of paper bags that wife has been storing
13. Spend 3 hours ironing the carpet with paper bags
14. Survey the damage- barely noticeable now
15. Iron over a few missed spots
16. Now Husband and Wife can be so relieved, excited, overjoyed, and exhausted because the candle wax came out!
17. Throw out candle waxed clothes that will never be the same again
18. Go to bed, smelling like Cucumber Melons
19. Wake up the next morning and smell Cucumber Melons everywhere!
20. Discuss how candles will never burn in our house ever again


  1. Brianna, hilarious! Although I am sure it is no laughing matter. Once I left a candle burning all night and it burned a circle into the top of a borrowed, wood dresser. No paper bag help there. Yikes! But I will remember the trick in case we eveer let candles back into our house. Glad the burns weren't too severe.

  2. hahaha! I have done that before, expect mine was a pink candle and it got all over the carpet and my furniture. Isn't it funny the things you learn. I learned something new last night... You can't lean over and give your husband a little kiss while watching Toy Story 3 in 3D because the glasses get in the way. We were both laughing pretty hard and felt ridiculously stupid. haha. Sorry about the wax.

  3. Ha ha ha, that is so funny. I love the cute picture you posted. Thanks for the info. I LOVE GOOGLE.

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  5. This post makes me laugh everytime now! Just remembering how long it took to clean up and how massive the damages were (spilled wax)! I'm glad we could pass on our wisdom to others who may face this in the future! Hilarious comments above guys!

  6. I know there is a trick to getting it off furniture too. I can't think of it right now, but totally googleable. Been there, done that unfortunately. And OUCH that would hurt on your skin. Yikes.