Sunday, June 20, 2010

Leaving Primary

***Be Warned....mention of crying and touching experiences written below***

Today was our last day in the Tempe Ward. We sat in primary with the new teachers to show them the ropes. The kids were good in primary and we loved the lesson, "The Lord Helps His Missionaries" that we taught today. The kids payed attention and participated too! There were laughs and good questions shared. We told the children this was our last Sunday, that we would be moving and that they now had new teachers....The Smiths. (seriously...same last name. I think they did it on purpose to lessen the confusion for the kids!)

After class was over we hugged each child and took a group photo. As the parents picked up their children, we said goodbye to each one. It was a very sweet moment for Tyson and me.

Not even 5 minutes later, one of our Primary boys came back- sobbing uncontrollably. He was ushered by one of the Primary Presidency leaders and I asked her what had happened. She said, "He is sad that you are moving." I broke down and burst into tears. I hugged that little boy so tight! What a sweetheart. I cried as I told him how wonderful he is, what a great child he is and how he is so helpful. His mom came back for him and he left - Both of us still crying.

When I turned around, one of our Primary girls was writing on the chalk board. As I wiped away my tears I read, "bye Brother and Sister Smith" with a frowning face beside it. Crying began again. These children have the most amazing hearts. They are such great examples to me of innocence and pure love. Tyson and I have learned so much from these little 6-8 year olds. I love being in Primary and I love our primary children!

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