Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Our first School Spring Break - 2017 What we did and what we learned for next year

Taryn had her first school Spring Break and we did our best to fill our extra time together with fun and family. 
Our first day of Spring Break was spent at Sandy Point Beach in Maryland. We love this beach so much. It's in a bay so the waves are nice and small, perfect for kids to play in. I don't have to worry every single second that a giant wave is going to crash on them- love it! We like going before August, when all the jelly fish come out (the only downside to this place)
The wind was crazy strong and the water was freezing!
We learned that we won't go to the beach for Spring Break around this area again. We will just have to wait until June.
The girls collected mounds and mounds of sea shells, played with our little friends (The Essig's kids) and even jumped in the water until they were freezing cold. 

I love post beach kids. Sun kissed noses, beach hair curls and happy, yet tired, smiles

Day 2 of Spring Break we had fun outside at The Yards Park in D.C. where the water was cold, again (shocker- really I should have thought that once through after the beach on Monday)
But the girls still had a blast and surprised me with how much they were in the water, even when I felt like my bones were frozen to the core because it was so cold. Luckily the day was warmer and less windy, making it tolerable. We were lucky to have the Williams, Chlarson, Terry, and Burnham families were there to lay along with. 
Once Tyson got off work we went to the movie "Boss Baby" on the discount Tuesday 
I've never seen Taryn laugh so hard in a movie. It was such a great time as a family and friends (The Williams)  

Wednesday was an Easter Potluck at the Essig's home where the kids did an Easter Egg Hunt

On Thursday we met up with Tyson at his work and went out to lunch. The girls were looking forward to our date with daddy all day long. It's always a treat to visit Tyson at work. 

We went to Panas, our favorite Empanada place and enjoyed our picks of meat, cheese and amazing fillings + dipping sauces.

It was a beautiful day in Dupont Circle!

My sister Brittany had told me about Meridian Hill Park in D.C. and I noticed it was right by Tyson's work. So after Tyson headed back to work, the girls and I went to explore this new place we've seen in pictures but had never been to. Taryn and Haddie rode their scooters everywhere. It was really pretty and I can't wait to return after they turn the water on. 

Friday was spent at a new playground (Saint Stephens and Saint Agnes lower school) that had a fun zipline, big slides and all new things for the girls to explore. 

Close by was the Alexandria waterfront. We brought out the scooters again (LOVE THEM SO MUCH!) and we scooted all around Old Town. 

The best thing to do on Spring Break is make sure you plan for treats. Ben & Jerry's was close and the answer to our mid day sugar craving. I love Haddie's chocolate face above. Taryn doesn't care much for ice cream but for some reason she was happy to have her scoop that day, maybe because it was warm out. 

Old Town is beautiful and has so much history. 
Spring Break was a fun adventure and I loved having these two sisters home more. 

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