Monday, June 5, 2017

Our love for the National Arboretum continues to grow!

The National Arboretum is my new favorite place for a leisurely stroll. We all enjoy being outdoors in the beautiful weather, the gorgeous flowers & trees, and the birds we see at every visit. 
This was the first time Tyson had ever been to the arboretum and it didn't take long for him to declare "I want to come back again!" 

Don't mind that sassy guy who refused to smile for photos. Actually, I kinda love these photos of him...makes me laugh because that's exactly what I was doing behind the camera with all of his poses. 

Taryn has really taken to Photography. We let her take our DSLR and go crazy with it. I love the perspective I gain by seeing the world through her eyes. 

Not bad Taryn! We were chuckling because she kept saying things like, "Move your this..." and "scoot over just a bit....right there!"
I wonder where she gets it from ;)

This pose Haddie threw out for Taryn had us busting at the seams. Not a soul told her to pose like that. That's just pure Haddie- ness right there. 

Tyson posing for Taryn's last photos before we got in the car :)

I really love the everyday scenes she snapped. Buckling in Haddie like I do several times a day.

The Azalea Gardens were just blooming to the brim when we visited. 

Another sassy Tyson photo ;) I'm pretty sure the girls were catching his feelings of not wanting to stop for photos either. 

On our 2nd visit a week or two later, we let Tayrn have the camera again and the photos we got back didn't disappoint. 


Picking wildflowers, seeing the bald eagles that nest at the Arboretum every year and running into friends. A perfect stroll indeed.

I love how small we seem compared to the last lands that is the Arboretum, and especially with the old Capitol building pillars in the background. 

In her element. 

We wandered for hours and had the best of times. My family thrives with constant outdoors time. I love what we discover and how we interact with one another. 
Nature has my heart. 
It became a great outlet for Tyson during some pretty stressful work events. He would wait for the weekends and we would get outside as much as possible. It was great therapy for all of us. 

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