Monday, June 26, 2017

Another soccer season for Taryn under her belt.

Taryn completed another season of soccer! She really enjoys team sports and thrives!
She usually hit a mid day slump right before practice started but getting her out on the field was such a natural high for her, she jumped right back to normal Taryn every time. Endorphins are an amazing thing!

I LOVE this photo of Taryn. She just happened to catch me taking a photo of her and smiled at just the right time before kickoff. 

She worked really hard this season on technique. She got really mad that everyone would kick her so much ( on accident) and not the ball. There were some tears during a few games where she came off the field hurt and upset. We had to explain that it's hard for kids to know where to kick when they all travel together (bumble bee soccer if what they should call it at this age) and we encouraged her to step out of the crowd, because the ball would eventually come out that way. 

^^Right after Taryn scored a goal ^^

Watching her play soccer brings back so many memories for me of when I played. Taryn is way more invested than I was. She has a natural competitive spirit that I do not posses. I love that about her. 
You can see the joy on her face as she plays. She gives every game her all, unless the humidity is 95% and it's 97 degrees out. In that case she is a puddle of red faced grumpiness. Very similar to how Tyson and I get with heat exhaustion. 
But really, she races for the ball and scores several goals at every game. If she is on the sidelines with her water resting, you can always find her cheering on her team. She screams "Go tough puppies!" or calls the girls by name. I love that about her. 

Her faithful cheer section. Man- there were some super super muggy games this round. But it was fun to see Taryn play- and teach Haddie why we support one another. She was a great cheerleader!
I loved hearing "Go Tar-when!" ;)
I really enjoy being a soccer mom (or any sport mom, really) because cheering on my kids and seeing how happy they get when they accomplish their goals gets me teary eyed every single time! 

So full of life, that one!

That's one awesome team right there. 

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