Sunday, July 2, 2017

The butterflies at Brookside Gardens with friends!

We drove up to Maryland to visit the Brookside Gardens "Wings of Fancy" exhibit in May. The weather was still very cool and perfect for exploring a new outdoors area. 

The butterflies were beautiful and everyone loved it. Taryn wanted so badly for a butterfly to land on her. She tried several times to remain super still so a butterfly would land on her. It took about an hour, but it finally happened right before we had to leave. This was the best butterfly exhibit we've ever been to. 

Haddie would say "I have good luck!" Every time a butterfly would fly in front of her, just like Grandma Smith taught her. 

Love my girls!

This place was enclosed but big enough for us to stay inside for an hour and wander around, watching the butterflies. 

So many different butterflies I've never seen before!

I love these pictures of the girls holding butterflies. But I do have to say that these butterflies were dead. They were apart of the "please touch" section. The girls got to hold these sanitized butterflies and really study them. They loved this.

Tyson and I had butterflies land on us :)

Took a picture of this one for Grandma Smith. This is her favorite butterfly.

Love her poses!

We met up with our friends, Jenny, Eric and Miles Smith, who just moved up to Maryland. Taryn is the sweetest with Miles. I love seeing them together. Actually, Taryn is super good with all small kids. She knows how to make them laugh, she watches out for them, and loves them so much. 
She is so special. 

Staying as still as possible. She was getting frustrated that not one butterfly landed on her. We were worried it might not happen. 5 minutes after this picture, one kissed her head. It was perfect!

The outside of Brookside Gardens, which is gigantic, was amazing. It felt like we were on the grounds of an England castle. There was so much green, turtles, unique birds and more. 

This was Haddie's reaction to a "funny pose." That face is all an act, too. She really was having fun and right after this they went running off laughing. Silly girls. 

We hope to go back to Brookside gardens and enjoy more time exploring the grounds. It started raining so we had to go, but no before using our selfie stick for a family photo ;)

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