Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Going to the Zoo with my sister

Having a sister close by is really really nice! Brittany wanted to take her kids to the zoo for the first time (during the day!) and she invited us to join. We love our National Zoo so much! It helps that admission is free so we don't have to feel guilty about leaving when there is nap times to be had. 

I've mastered the art of the zoo now that we've been going for the past 5 years (next month!) several times a year. 
We have 5 animals that are the most entertaining, that we can hit in one trip- no problem. Tigers & lions (in that same zone), elephants, pandas, seals and the Great ape house. 
Sometimes we make special zoo trips to see a specific animal that we haven't seen yet. On those occasions, we switched around what we are going to see based on where we are at. 

Cora and Braden loved the tigers & lions and the seals. It was so much fun to go and see the zoo through their eyes. Everything was so new for them. It's like seeing a movie you have seen before  with someone whom has never seen it. So entertaining. 

One of my pet peeves is sweating in normal clothes. I can sweat all day long in work out clothes or grubby clothes but I always feel super gross in normal clothes when I'm sweating a lot. 
So every time I go to the Zoo, I wear work out clothes. Mostly because I end up doing a huge workout because the zoo is positioned on a gigantic hill. Pushing  (one or more) kids in a stroller up that hill is a killer workout. Taryn usually gets wiped out walking up it (i.e. lots of complaining) so we now take her scooter along and I pull it up when she's not scootering up the hill. We get up the big hill so much faster now and the kids don't complain.

So, unless it's winter, you'll see me in my work out clothes at the zoo, not sweating in my nice clothes. 

Braden and Brittany

We had a fun day showing our little cousins the ropes of how to do the zoo, free parking for a few hours, and what animals to see.
I love that Cora and Braden are starting to say my name "Nana" and they run to me to pick them up or carry them now. Stranger danger is (almost) fully gone and I'm loving it. I'm working hard to secure my position as favorite aunt.

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