Saturday, June 10, 2017

Taking a Cooking Class with friends

This cooking class was so much fun! 
Lynne had a brilliant idea to sign up for one of the county cooking classes and invited a few of us to do the same.  We decided the Spring Cooking from the Farmer's Market was the best class for us. 
This is a great bunch of ladies right here!

Zara and Lynne were prepping for their spring onion tart

I spy bacon and yummy yummy onions!

Love her!!
(And just realized we are totally matching in our stripes!)

Spring Onion Tart before baking

Asparagus two ways
A morel mushroom sauce and the other with a Tarragon Vinaigrette

Finished onion Tart with Dara

My was so so good! Special thanks to the all butter puff pastry !

Our cooking instructor was great. And like any cook, she would have the funniest mannerisms in the kitchen. I was laughing to myself half the time because I could see the little things she was doing here and there - like checking temps of chicken stock by sticking her finger right in etc... 

The smell of onions and butter is one of the most wonderful smells...

We learned a lot, had tons of fun, and it was the biggest classes our instructor had ever taught (not pictured are the other 5 or so ladies cooking away on the other side of the kitchen. 

We spent a night cooking from 6pm-10pm and it was so different from my usual night routine. I'm thankful our babysitter and Tyson made it possible for me to enjoy this night. 
It's so fun to get out and try something new and it's even better with good friends. 

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