Thursday, March 13, 2014

We moved!!! (FINALLY!!!!)

Seriously can't add enough exclamation marks in this post's title. 
We moved almost two weeks ago and we are in love with our new place.
We are so incredibly happy.

It's been amazing.
We've been unpacking and trying to catch up with life, because it never slows down, even when you move and everything is boxed up and there is still a lot that needs to be done in life during the move etc…

Here is a little bit of the past few weeks.

We moved on my 26th birthday and I will tell you what. Those keys in my hands- such a great birthday present!!!

Taryn wanted a picture just like mama. I love that she held her hands out (pretending to hold keys) just like me.

These two girls are amazing. And they make the funniest faces

Getting ready for Easter and warmer weather!!!

Caught this moment in the midst of boxes one morning after we had just arrived in our new place.

Hadleigh was all smiles for her first swing ride.
I think it mainly had to do with Taryn helping to push her :)

We're starting to see warmer weather around here! Woohoo! Long days outside and exploring new parks for us! I'm thankful we still have parks only steps away from our new place.

Lots and lots of baking.
 I'm in love with my oven. And my new apron.

Those banana breads were wrapped and given to those who helped us move.

But these cookies were consumed by us only. Oh how I wish I would have doubled the amount of chocolate chips. :)

 It's amazing how the quality of your photos goes way up once you end the chapter of your life of basement dwelling.
The LIGHT!!!
I LOVE IT!!!!!

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