Thursday, February 7, 2013

My camera made it to CA without me.

So I am without my camera.... it's been almost 8 days

I drove my sister to the airport last Thursday and she had borrowed it to download pictures I took at her Bridal Shower earlier. She also borrowed my Flip Camera.
15 min. after I dropped her off at the BWI airport I was driving down the freeway and  she called me. She said my cameras were still in her purse and had forgotten to give them to me.
Well, they made it to CA a whole 8 days before me! I seriously considered turning around to get them.
But, it's given me time to catch up on a lot of important things. 
Like downloading everything on my MAC to a backup drive because my computer is dying (and half the keys don't work without me hammering them down 3 times.)
I have been scared for a months that I would loose everything. But now, I'm resting a little easier.
This Week senza pictures
Taryn & I went to playgroup on Wednesday, held indoors still because of the chilly weather. They had a special music time with a friends mom. An auto harp, ukulele, animals for "Old McDonald" and rattles for the kids to dance and play along with. It was fantastic. Taryn was up and dancing and smiling. They had her wrapped attention. I did notice that if there is more than 5 kids in the same spot, Taryn becomes shy. It's so interesting that she is often encouraging other kids to play with her if there are 1 to 2 of them. But 11 toddlers? She still has fun but is more reserved and chooses to come stand by me every so often, almost like she's checking in with me.

We had a play date this week with our friends Paige & Ada.  Taryn lights up when she sees Ada coming and I enjoy so much being able to talk to Paige about mothering, husbands schooling, and so much more.

 The sun broke through mid week and it was almost 50 degrees. I didn't even wear tights that day! I am not complaining about the cold. I actually like the little snow we've been getting because it doesn't stick for more than a few hours! Perfect!

We leave this weekend to attend my sister Brittany's wedding. We are excited for her and Seth. 
It will be a fast weekend trip (with a red eye flight & a toddler)
so we are trying to rest up and keep things simple this week, preparing for a busy and fun weekend!

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