Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Super boring, but we're still here

Sad to say that even though I reclaimed my camera and Flip Camera this past weekend, I am still pictureless because I forgot the USB cord.
Seriously!?! Hopefully we will be reunited this Saturday 
(please please please don't still be in California!!)

So, besides surviving a red eye flight (Taryn did beautifully, we are just dead tired still) and being sick for the third time this winter (I am so sick of being sick.) 
We are hanging in there. 
We are all getting Flu shots next year.

I know I have had many favorite stages of Taryn's life, but I am pretty sure this is my all time favorite. I just can't get enough of her talking, smiles, hugs, expressions, singing, and pleasant  personality.  She really does light up our life.
Although I hate to say it, we've had our trials with Taryn trying to combat her grumpy crying tantrums but these past two months have been amazing.
Maybe I will kick myself for saying this but I am pretty sure Taryn had her terrible two's phase LONG ago and is now onto a different happy phase. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything doesn't change when she turns two next Friday. 

So I will slowly begin to do my blog catch up of life for the past few weeks with big things like my sister's wedding, a precious little one turning two, a creative party, and general life to life that I really only blog about for me and my family because they like to see pictures of Taryn :)
I just can't believe it's already February. 


  1. Brianna, I am just amazed at what a great mother, wife and woman you are. You inspire me with your attention to detail and your patience and your willingness to help others. I am blessed to know you and to be your sister. Love you!

  2. what a sigh of relief when screaming tantrums start to lessen! Jordan's getting a little better too, and it's so nice! I can't believe she'll be 2 soon! Aunt Julie says: stop growing!