Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Little Baby ....

The baby's spine

The baby's very very long legs!

Kinda creepy looking, but I wanted to show our baby's face

Tyson's personal favorite. The foot. He counted the bones to make sure there were 5 on each foot!

The arms. One of my favorites. The technician said every time she moved the wand over to the baby's profile to get a picture our baby would move his hands right in front of his face and then start punching me! He's a boxer! (and apparently a little camera shy)


We are so excited for our baby boy! Tyson came with me to find out the gender of our baby. He watched the screen as the technician took measurements and pictures. Our little boy is definitly a lively lil' guy. I feel him moving, kicking, and punching all the time. We are so happy! Still looking to be due around Feb. 21st (they actually moved it up about 3 days to the 18th) but you can never be sure!

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  1. WOOHOO! Congratulations Brianna and Tyson! Boys are the best! Being a mom and dad is so fun! Sky and I love it! You guys will be great parents!