Tuesday, March 19, 2013

When family comes to visit you

 Taryn was so happy to have a ton of playmates around for the week! Several companions to jump on the bed with, run around in museums with, and play play play! Tyson's sister, Janette and her family came to visit us for a week during their kids Spring Break. It was perfect timing! Tyson was able to take an easier week of school work (except for one mid-term that took up two days) and his internship. The days that Tyson was busy at school/work- I was able to be with the family. The other days I had to work, Tyson took a role was D.C. extraordinaire and lead the Booth family around. 

 Andrew & Taryn
Caleb and Taryn ( they are only 1.5 years apart!)

We took Monday very easy after the Booth's arrived at midnight on Sunday. We spent time at Fort Scott Park and they caught up with the time change, and became accustom to the Metro. What visit to the D.C. area is complete without a visit to Good Stuff Eatery? Tyson and I drool over it (Shakes, burgers, and fries with mango mayo dipping sauce etc...) It is a must stop for everyone who visits and luckily, we live right down the street from one location. And that started a great week of must- eats in the D.C. area- yum!
It was a great, easy first day.

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  1. We miss Taryn! So glad she got some cousin playing time.