Thursday, April 4, 2013

A special surprise in the mail for Taryn

You know you have amazing family members when they do something for you that may seem little to everyone else but means the WORLD to you. Remember this sad post about Taryn loosing her "little baby?" I cried. She cried. Tyson was devastated. After posting the little story on this blog, my sister in-law texted me and said, "Don't buy another doll! I have one just like it that my girls don't play with. It will be in the mail tomorrow!" I got that text and almost cried. (It had already been a pretty emotional week for me) I was so thankful for her kindness and understanding of the situation.

When the box came a week later I couldn't contain my excitement! Taryn helped me open it and once she saw what was inside screamed, "BABY!!!!" picked up the doll and gave baby the biggest longest hug. It looks just like the one that Taryn had. She went right to put her to sleep (as if traveling in a box across the country wasn't enough rest?!! hehe!)

She loves her "baby" and takes care of her so well. It has been great practice for her and her new sibling due in October. Tyson taught her how to hold a baby and pass her gently to mommy and daddy. She has taken that lesson very seriously. She gently hands baby to me or daddy and watches us carefully to make sure baby is ok. It's precious. She opened letters from her cousins and I pulled out a homemade display chalkboard for holidays, birthdays, and basically every day with homemade magnets. I wish I was that creative and talented!!!!

Performing with her Elmo puppets. 

My sister in-law also included this homemade puppet theater that hangs in a door frame. She had seen me "pin" it on Pinterest and decided to make it for us.  We have fallen in love with it. Taryn calls it her "pretty dress" and always wants it hung up. We're happy that we purchased the cutest finger puppets from the Eastern Market not too long ago because they are perfect for Taryn (and me & Tyson) to perform with. Really- any stuffed animal would do too.

I want to be better at doing things for others. Tyson and I have had so many great examples in our life and we've learned so much about going above and beyond for those around you ...or across the country :)

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  1. What a wonderful post. Blessings in a box. Terrific!