Monday, April 15, 2013

Taking the most out of the Spring

     For the past few weeks, we have only been inside for naps- and that random heavy rain storm- but it cleared up by the afternoon and we were out again. I feel alive again! The sun has brought life back to me and Taryn can spend hours playing in the sand at parks. Taryn has had a bath (or two!) every day to rinse the sand out of her hair or the sunscreen off her arms & legs. She bolts out the door any chance she gets to run around the backyard in the flowers and sunshine. I leave the doors open and wander in & out myself as I grab snacks, a blanket to sit outside with, or just to enjoy the birds chirping and the most amazing Spring scents. Our nightly bed time routine now includes a walk around the neighborhood, exploring the nature around us.
    We discovered the wonder and magic of Haines Point Park on the southeast water front. Located on the end of a peninsula, the sight of water, boats, airplanes taking off & landing at Ronald Regan and of course the thousands of beautiful cherry blossom trees minus the crowds made me "ohhh" and "awww". I was in heaven sitting in the shade, chatting with friends, and watching Taryn at the playground. I would go back in a heart beat. I told Tyson we are due for a family bike ride and Haines Point would be the perfect destination.
    The regular skinned knees have returned for Taryn! Unfortunately, the first big bad one was from Haines Point after she tripped over the uneven ground. It sent Taryn into a full blown meltdown only to be fixed with an afternoon nap and lots of kisses. I know skinned knees are sad, but at the same time, it means she is enjoying her time outside- running and exploring. She's got spunk- that one :)
    We headed to the Tidal Basin once again on Saturday (after the Cherry Blossom parade was a flop for us- too many streets blocked off!!) and enjoyed a picnic with friends. Even though the storm had wiped out most of the delicate white/pink cherry blossom flowers, it was still a gorgeous sight to see.

 I feel like I am taking in the last few moments of an era. In just 5 short weeks, Tyson will have a Master's and schooling as we know it will be finished (...for the time being). Our time with close friends is coming to an end and the big world is just around the corner. I've become very calm about all of this in the past few weeks which is so strange for the worry wart in me. We don't know what we will be doing 6 weeks from now, but I know from the past that we will do it together- our little growing family.   

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  1. I can't believe that you're on to your next adventure in 6 weeks! That's around the corner. The new and the unknown and learning and growing, and trusting the Lord has a plan for you. All very scary, but reassuring when you feel the hand of the Lord take you through each step and phase of life. If you learn any tricks about how to temper the 2 year-old-ness, let me know. I still haven't figured it out, and we're already there ahead of schedule. :)