Monday, April 29, 2013

I blinked, now April is over!

Don't really know where April went, but I know it's been a fun month!

The days have been beautiful and long. 
We spent a great day at the zoo just last week. Taryn was so excited- running around everywhere- watching the animals play. She is growing up so much it's incredible.
Taryn has started to call me "Mom" instead of "mommy" or "mama." This actually breaks my heart. And now Tyson is being called "Dad" instead of "daddy."
 She's just too little to be calling us such grown up names. It makes me feel old.

Tyson is neck deep in school. The other day he came home after a long day and changed into his pajamas. He came out with his shirt on backwards - a true sign that it had been a long day. We laughed until our sides hurt because we know that wrapping up school is only made easier through laughter. Only 3 more weeks of school left!

17 weeks along and I'm feeling great! 
 I can no longer stay awake and functioning past 9:30pm. 
And I used to be able to stay awake while watching a movie with Tyson. 
Yeah- that doesn't happen any more.

We're jumping into May, as it will be a very busy month full of family, BIG events like Graduation, and so much more.

**2 years ago we were in almost the exact same position we are in now (graduation, jobs, baby, moving, lots of decisions to be made!). Maybe that's why I've been relatively more calm this time around. 


  1. So is this the first time you've mentioned on your blog that you're PREGNANT?! What's that all about? I guess I need to read more often and more carefully or I'm really going to miss out on something important! Gee whiz! I'm really, really excited for you guys too. :)

  2. Oh Julie! I cannot believe I did not mention it in the past emails I sent! I even double checked because I couldn't believe it so much! I'm so sorry! We announced over the blog a month ago---

    We are excited too! Due early October- we find out the gender in 3 weeks :)