Monday, October 15, 2012

A day in the Gardens of the National Mall

 Smithsonian Castle.

 We enjoyed a great day at the Mall discovering the gardens. There were some that were great- like the Butterfly Gardens inside the National Museum of Natural History (say that 5 times fast!). My friend Lynne told us how on Tuesdays the butterfly gardens are free (usually $6.00). It was amazing. I have never seen such large butterflies before. Taryn starred at them as they fluttered around her and sat on the plants in front of her. They make you check in a mirror before you leave to make sure that no butterflies are still on you.  Definitely the best garden we went to all day.

 After having lunch on a bench with our friends, Taryn spotted the Police Horses and was so excited. But as soon as they got to close, she came running back to me. The horses were very nice and let us pet them. ( Good thing we were on our best behavior!)
I'm a little embarrassed about the Hirshhorn Sculpture Gardens. One, it was super underwhelming. It wasn't what I was expecting at all after hearing "sculpture gardens." We walked around the entire "Gardens" in a few minutes (if that) and saw maybe 5 sculptures. Maybe it's about quality, not quantity but I didn't love it. We thought we would venture inside and see some of the new exhibit from Ai-WeiWei According To What.  
We lasted all of 2 seconds. Really. The babes had expired and I'm sorry, but if you are doing an exhibition and expect children to accompany adults, then you might want to reconsider how to execute your displays. 
Why is everyone promoting this museum to families with young kids!?!?! No're just asking for it!
And maybe it's my fault that it took Taryn not even 1 second to start climbing all over one of the art displays!!!!! (UGH!!- yes my fault). We left so fast after that.

I think if Tyson and I were to go alone, we might enjoy it a little more. Well, I guess this just means were not ready for a art museum yet. Or at least one of this nature. I'll consider the National Gallery of Art in a few weeks. At least there the art is high on the walls, out of reach for busy toddlers.

The little display mishap was only about 5 minutes of the whole day so not enough to dampen my spirits. We still had fun and I think I'll be going back for more Tuesdays at the Butterfly Gardens

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