Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to tell if your husband picked the right Graduate program

I met Tyson at the DuPont Circle metro stop for our date last night. 
I was so excited to see a new part of D.C. and to experience it with him. 
He pointed out all the different embassies that lined Massachusetts Ave, his new favorite book store KramerBooks, and the buildings dedicated to his Johns Hopkins SAIS studies.

For one of Tyson's classes, there is a group of about 7 "students" who are being sponsored by their work to enroll in certain classes. As a "thank you" for the experience to further their education later in life, they host a dinner with all 20 students and the professor who make up the class. Lucky for me, each student is able to invite a guest.
 My sister watched Taryn so that Tyson and I were able to enjoy a night out together!

It was so much fun to see familiar faces from Bologna, Italy on the Johns Hopkins SAIS D.C. campus. Each person was so friendly, asked a ton of questions about Taryn, and made me so happy that we had gained those friendships starting over a year ago. 

I'm certain that Tyson picked the right Graduate Program. 
(and a free date night thanks to the school is always great too!)

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