Thursday, October 4, 2012

Having a car for the weekend.

The Car
Our  friends went out of town this past weekend and gave us their car to use. 
It was wonderful. 
I was able to complete errands (multiple errands!!!!) in between Taryn's naps. 
I was able to do things that would have been very hard/ impossible without the aid of a set of 4 wheels.
Taryn didn't mind being in a car seat one bit which meant I was able to do even more.
I realized I knew my way around these parts better than I gave myself credit for.

We know some pretty great people.
And I am constantly amazed at the generosity they have all showed towards us.

We are outside multiple times a day. Maybe your sick of hearing about all the walks we take but I'm still can't get over how much I love the area we live in. I enjoy being outside, walking side by side with Taryn and watching her discover new things (a rock, a dog, a stick, a car etc...) The days that Tyson gets to join us is like a added bonus.

On one of our walks, Taryn just turned back to look at me (taking pictures...of course) and gave me the biggest smile. Can you tell how much she loves these walks too?

 Relief Society Broadcast
I was able to attend with my sister, Brittany.
 I am so thankful that she lives so close to me. A ColdStone ice cream sister date after?
Yes, please.

Add a great Sunday family dinner (with my sister and her friend). Man, this past weekend was wonderful.
**Can't believe we're almost ready for another weekend.
These days are flying by and we're having so much fun!

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  1. Amazing how nice it is to have a car after you haven't had one for a while! I absolutely love Taryn's turn around and smile. She looks like she's turning into a little girl!