Monday, October 8, 2012

The Zoo is always fun. And even better with friends.

We planned a trip to the zoo last week and we were excited that our friends Paige & Ada and Lynne & Logan were able to join us. The rains the day before did not scare us away which meant we basically had the whole park to ourselves (and it's huge!) Luckily the humidity (85 degrees + 80% humidity) died down enough for us to enjoy the day outside under cloud cover. 

Taryn loved having a friend to run up and down and all around with. They were two partners in crime. 
And snack time? 
Always better when you can share your goldfish crackers with someone else.

I met Lynne at one of the parks by my home the day before we were planning on going to the zoo. She and her 8 month old son Logan were playing on the swings right next to us. It doesn't take much to start a conversation when you have two little ones around so we got to talking and I found out that she moved her for her husbands Graduate program at the same time we did. Always happy to make new friends, we invited her to come with us the following day.
 Logan is an angel baby. Seriously. 
Perfectly content in his stroller and very smiley.  

It was a great day to have friends along for a little adventure in D.C.
We're excited to have more fun with our friends soon!

P.S. Our girls were soaked after playing in the mini splash pad. But it was just too entertaining as we watched them giggle and run from spout to spout and get blasted by unexpected shoots of water. They didn't even cry after getting all wet. 
We have some pretty great, adventurous, funny girls!

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