Monday, April 4, 2011

The Sleeping Beauty

I am learning a lot about being a mother. Like the fact that those SWADDLE blankets they sell with velcro work wonders! Velcro swaddle blanket = 7 hours or more of sleep each night with only one feeding during that time. That makes one happy mommy.

If she is needing to go to sleep but the whole rocking her just isn't working, sitting still with her will put her right to sleep 90% of the time- just ask my niece Janalee (picture to come).

It's hard to resist laughing (at the chance of waking a sleeping baby) when Taryn starts to laugh in her sleep while lying in my arms. Her giggles are just too cute.

Tyson and I fight for Taryn's attention to see who can make her smile first- her smiles will melt your heart.

Girl babies should always wear pink or accessories in their hair. That helps avoid the whole "Boy or Girl?" question.

When you're listening to General Conference and they talk about being a mother, father, parents, or helping your children, I will cry...every time... because Tyson and I have just started out on this adventure of parenthood with our little one. She means the world to me and I would do anything for her. We want to help her learn about the Gospel and be a good example of righteous living. We want Taryn to know that we love her and will always love her.

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