Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One Hard Day

I knew this day would come. I was dreading it. I could even see myself crying because of it. I frankly, didn't want to do it. But I knew I had to. And I know it's going to happen many more times. I needed to be brave. But I was still sad last night as I told Tyson, "Tomorrow is the day Taryn gets her shots. "

I took her to the clinic and they told me she would get three shots and then a dropper full of another live virus. 3 shots! Ugh. I cringed. Then they informed me it was national immunization week and they were giving one adult shot for free (Tetanus, Diphteria, and Pertussis). I wanted to get it because :

1. This will help me so I don't give Whopping cough to Taryn (goog
le Jennifer Lopez and whopping cough. The lady at the desk had it playing for me and another mom in line)
2. It's Free

3. I wanted to re-up my Tetanus because it's been a long time.

4. I feel safer having received it knowing that we will be in Italy soon. It keeps myself from worrying too much.

Our Battle Wounds.
The biggest owie on one leg

Two owie's on the same leg!

One owie for Mom (if mine hurts this bad after one... I can only imagine how much Taryn's must hurt!)

saddest part of this whole experience. Having to hold Taryn during it. It's like I was saying, "Go ahead, hurt my baby." Ugh. Her facial expression will forever be in my head. Her eyes got HUGE as she realized what was happening to her poor legs. Then she burst into tears and screams. My poor baby. It was a good thing that she fell asleep so quickly after. My mom said she will quickly forget about it that way.

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