Sunday, November 22, 2009

What's In A Name?

After discussing the interesting name of one of our friends, Tyson began a search on what it could mean. This led to spin off of all family names. Some we laughed at, some we thought were quite fitting. Hope you like it! We love you all, no matter what your name really means (crooked nose!)

Tyson- “High-spirited” or “Firebrand”
Brianna- “Noble”, “Exalted” or “Strong”

Michael- “Who resembles God?” or “Gift from God”
Janis- “God’s grace” or “God is gracious”
Janette- “God is gracious”
Kenneth- “Born of Fire” or “Good-looking”
Jayden- “God has heard” or “Thankful”
Amanda- “Fit to be loved”, “Lovable” or “Precious thing”
Andrew- “Manly” or “Warrior”
Janalee- “God’s Grace”
Caleb- “Faith”, “Devotion” or “Whole-hearted”
Travis- “To cross over” or “Toll collector”
Amy- “Beloved”
Skye- “Sky” or “Heavenly”
Sherrod- “Clearer of the land”
Shea- “Admirable”, “Graceful” or “Hawk-like”
Sage- “Wise” or “Healthy”
Todd- “Fox”
Jennifer- “Fair one”
Harrison- “Son of Harry/Harris (home-ruler)”
Alyssa- “Noble” or “Kind”
Trevor- “Great settlement”, “Homestead” or “Industrious”
Whitney- “White Island”

Craig- “Rock”
Jackie- “God is Gracious”
Megan- “Pearl” or “Mighty”
David- “Beloved”
Ethan- “Firmness” or “Long-lived”
Nataleigh- “Birthday”
Jacob- “Supplanter” or “Holder of the heel”
Cameron- “Crooked nose”
Jana(lee)- “God’s Grace”
Tyson- “High-spirited” or “Firebrand”
Jennifer- “Fair one”
Merrick- “Ruler of the sea”
Berkleigh- “the birch tree meadow”
Brittany- “From Britain/England”, “Strong” or “Industrious”
Ashleigh- “Ash wood” or “ash tree meadow”
Mackenzie- “Fireborn” or “Child of a wise leader”
Brooke- “Water”, “Small Stream” or “Brook”

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  1. These are awesome! Of course I can't argue with my "Might" definition and David is defiently my "Beloved". Nataleigh and Jacob's have me guessing...and some of the other ones are awesome too. Thanks for sharing!