Monday, November 16, 2009

Heart Full Of Gratitude

Thanksgiving in near and I am feeling especially thankful this year. Thankful for a wonderful Husband, loving family, amazing friends, and random acts of kindness.
Today I headed to Bed Bath and Beyond to purchase a vacuum that was very much needed in our home. With the helpful advice of those much more experienced than us, we decided to go with a Dyson. They are wonderful vacuums and therefore can cost a pretty penny. We were thankful to have gift cards from our wedding to put towards this investment. While standing in line, a woman stopped and turned to me. She asked, "Do you have a coupon today?" I replied, "No, actually I don't." She then opened a small box she was carrying under her arm. In it was a TON of Bed Bath and Beyond coupons ( which never really expire-they always except them!) She pulled out a 20% off coupon and gave it to me. She said, "That will help with the Dyson very much!" I was shocked! What an amazing woman! I thanked her over and over again! She then left the store and I never saw her again. She saved me $80.00!!!!! I love random acts of kindness.

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  1. Hallelujah! David and I are reading your post and I am saying "tell me you have a coupon...tell me you haver a coupong..tell my you have a coupon when you are buying a DYSON!" I am so thankful to that lady! If the story hadn't have ended so well I would have mailed you a BB&B coupon and had you take the recipt back for a refund. Whew! Love random acts of kindness. I might just have to hand out a coupon next time I am in the store.