Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Turkey Trot 10k

After the race we got a picture with the Turkey! The turkey actually runs the race (Poor guy in a very heavy turkey suit)
Right before the Race Line Up
Tons and Tons and Tons of People!!!
Looking at the different numbers on the bibs made us realize how many people were in the race! Easily over 2,000 people! These are the Amundsen Boys. Tyson grew up with them. Great guys!

Tyson and I decided on Sunday that we would run in the Turkey Trot 10 k Race in Mesa. We were so excited for the race and we even wore matching shirts (from a previous race we ran together) and matching sweatbands. We were side by side the whole race and crossed the finish line holding hands. WE GOT FIRST PLACE!!!!!!! (In the hand holding division- said the announcer) 6.2 miles!


  1. A 10K???? That is so awesome! I am so impressed that you could just decide to go run it and then actually do it! It has taken me lots of weeks to prepare for my 5K. Baby steps, I guess. Good for you both. I think this should be a tradition! Everyone could run a turkey trot wherever they are living. Wouldn't that be cool?! Proud of you, babes!

  2. Oh thats a great idea! Mom was telling me how you ran, and then there were members of our extended family who ran too. I definitly think you were smart to prepare weeks before. Last minute race planning hurts!(Quads, shins, feet, calve muscles.) We were sure paying for not training days later! Proud of your planning and running! Ya! for being fit!