Monday, December 7, 2009

My Goal

It's a Smith Family tradition. Every Christmas lots of flour....

powdered sugar....pecans......yeast......sugar.... sprinkles and cherries...

all mixed together makes this yummy Christmas Tree Bread.

After eating the "tester", Tyson said, "NOW you're a Smith girl. Not because you had your name legally changed at the Social Security office today, but because you can make Christmas Tree bread." I also was told that I scored about a galzzillbillion wife points by making this Christmas tradition for our home. SCORE! I loved learning from Janette how to make it this past week. Thanks Janette!

As part of the tradition, each bread made is given away to close friends and neighbors. We gave our first Christmas tree bread to Sandy Skouson and his wife Cortney. Sandy is celebrating his birthday today. And we thought Christmas Tree bread would be a perfect way to help celebrate!


  1. Your bread looks beautiful. You are a fast learner! OK, this post made me get teary. :)

  2. That looks awesome! That is such a fun tradition!