Monday, March 1, 2010

Quotes/Thoughts/ Happenings that made me Laugh on March 1st

"I love being married! You get two birthdays a year!"-Tyson

Watching 3 guys trying to figure out how to put ALL of their groceries in a two-seater car

"22? That's one year closer to death" -Primary Child

Going from having no Easter decorations to having the cutest decor for my apartment!!!

"I think Carni workers are freaky" (carnival workers)- Tyson

Getting an unexpected call from New Zealand to say happy birthday!- Ashley

Receiving a message that said an item I purchased at the grocery store and have ALREADY CONSUMED has been recalled for SALMONELLA! oh brother!

A great birthday lunch at Smashburgers with Janette!

Planning a trip to California

Tyson's persistence while making my birthday cake (even at 12:30am)

Taking a nap. A much needed nap

Getting tons of birthday messages, texts, calls, and emails!

Losing my silver car in the parking lot...then realizing I drove Tyson's green car

I share my birthday with the pigs. Today is National Pig Day.

Talking on my cell phone with my parents this morning....
"What did the text say? Can you read it?"- Mom
"Well...umm...where did I put my phone???"-Brianna
"Why can't you read it?" -Mom
"I lost my cell phone. I just had it too."-Brianna
"Brianna."- Mom
"Ya mom?"- Brianna
"Aren't you talking on your cell phone right now...?"-Mom
..........long pause..........
(Brianna bursts into laughter)
"You're right!!!I can't believe that!"-Brianna
"Brianna. Maybe you should go lay down." -Dad
(Brianna, Mom and Dad....laughing laughing and laughing....)

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  1. Hey, I would have loved to go to a birthday lunch. What up with that? I was planning to have a lunch in your honor with ALL the AZ Smith girls, but got sick instead. Maybe during Spring Break? I got you a present and will give it to Tyson tonight.

    I am glad you had a good birthday! The "widow maker" made me lol!