Monday, March 8, 2010

Saturday is a special day....

This is an old picture AND we did NOT get all that soda! Most of it is actually for the other couple (Brittan in the picture). They live really far out in the boonies of Mesa and stock up on awesome soda every time they come out this way to Tempe

This weekend was great!

Tyson and I went to a Primary activity at 7:30 am and we were so happy with the turn out of children! The activity (prayer, journal and Scripture kits) was a big hit!

At 10am we went with the LDSSA group to hike "A" Mt. We ran into one of our married couple friends- accidental double date! Best part of the whole hike....walking back with Tyson and loving every minute because I was with my best friend having the best time.

Tyson had some cash from babysitting this weekend so he thought it would be great to go to the Pop Shop. Every kind of soda you can imagine... like...

Celery Soda
Black Cherry
Raspberry Lime Ricky
Key Lime Cream Soda
Chocolate soda
(just to name a few)

At the Pop Shop we ran into another one of our married couple friends. Tyson and Brittan (the husbands) used to see each other every day last semester. But this semester has been hard on both of them. This was the first time they saw each other this semester!

After getting off of work at 10pm, we rented a FREE movie!
We reflected on the long busy week. we realized that for two nights this week we saw each other for about 2 1/2 hours each day. That's it!!! AH! But we were so glad we had this weekend to catch up!

We also had dinner with two other couples on Sunday. We really enjoyed it and were grateful for the invitation to join!
And our primary kids are so cool and funny! It's really fun to teach them


  1. I was just wanting some random soda the other day. Maybe the next break tyson has we should come and visit you. I have never seen Arizona in the spring. I hear it is the best time.... then we can go to the soda shop with you! Who wants to help talk Tyson into this? i do i do.. :)

  2. I'm in! That sounds awesome! I really think that your July exposure to Arizona was so sad. It's so beautiful during the spring! Anytime you want to stop on by we will make The Pop Shop our first stop!