Friday, March 19, 2010

"oh California, Oh California, Oh California ohhh ohhh"

Rainbow Sandals. A California tradition. They are the only sandals I wear and they last forever! Tyson (because he married a California girl) has a pair of these amazing sandals.This is the tiny shack (litterally) in San Clemente where they produce all the Rainbow sandals and distribute them across the country

Brooke- the awesome

Our California adventure was a fun one! Arriving Sunday morning, just before church and leaving early Tuesday morning so I could go to work that day. We had fun with Mom and Dad and Brooke! We went to Breakfast at "Waffle Beach" - as the Scott's dub it- A place where you can eat delicious waffles while your feet are in the sand. It's beautiful in Newport Beach!

Tyson and I also made our way to Salt Creek Beach. We loved walking up and down the beach, picking up the coolest seashells ever and skipping tons of rocks into the ocean

The beautiful California wildflowers that are in full bloom! My parents backyard is full of them!

The Stud and the great view

Thank you Mom and Dad for having us this weekend! We loved it! And we love you!

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  1. Brianna it looks like you had so much fun! I am getting so excited to come home. There really is no place like home!!
    I am so excited to hit the Rainbow factory again and stock up on my favorite flip-flops before the big day!