Monday, March 28, 2011

How does a Mom do laundry?

One question I asked myself during the time my mom was staying with us after Taryn was born was... "How am I going to do laundry without my mom or Tyson here?"
(I asked this question concerning many other errands too.

Silly question? Not when you are seriously lacking a washer and dryer in your apartment and the laundry facility on property is not close to your apartment. I like to try to get my errands done early so I have the rest of the day. What to do?

Luckily, I still have the wonderful red wagon that helped me through my pregnancy when I couldn't carry 2 big baskets by myself (because I was not going to make any more trips than necessary!). Now that the loads have increased to 3 big baskets I was really stumped. A baby in one arm? Toting 3 baskets? Getting in and out of doors? I feel like I could draw a cartoon image of myself balancing 3 baskets ontop of each other- ready to topple over while my other hand has the baby that I'm trying to soothe.

But then I remembered! I have this!
Here is the reason I can still do laundry

fast asleep after the switch from washer to dryer.

I couldn't love this carrier more! Not only does it leave my arms free to fill the washer/dryers, but it also lulls my baby to sleep. It has been so helpful. We originally bought it (with a gift card!) before she was born with the thought of taking it on hikes and for traveling. But now- it serves an even greater purpose day to day. I'm kinda partial to my new accessory- a cute babe!

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