Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A little extra lovin'

Sometimes you just need a little extra lovin'. And when it comes from a newborn baby, it's pretty special.

Tyson has been working so very hard lately as he's reached the last 6 weeks of his Senior semester. The next 6 weeks will be hard and taxing for him. He does so well in school and puts forth so much effort. When he comes home late from the library looking totally drained, I feel so bad. (Notice the bloodshot eyes of his) It's not just school! He has so much going on right now I wonder how he functions! These little moments are priceless to me-when Tyson comes home right before it's time for Taryn to go to bed. I want to give him as much Daddy time as possible. I know all of his hard work is totally worth it in the end. I just wish it wasn't so hard. (We've already seen great things come from his hard work! That's coming in another blog post!)

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