Friday, March 9, 2012

Mothering & My Girls

This week has been a long one with being at home so Taryn can recover from a fever which thankfully subsided but then turned into a rash. There are a few things I try to focus on when I see her little body covered in red splotches. They are: how the rash doesn't hurt her, she's starting to be happy again, we've been able to rest a lot this week, and how she has been especially snuggley. Taryn has a very kind heart. I see it in her eyes as she smiles at me, when she hugs us unexpectedly, and how she lights up when Tyson or I walk through the door (or even out of the bathroom).

Maybe it's a new mom thing but I cried a few times this week because Taryn was so very very hot to the touch and her fever wasn't going down. She had a couple of bad falls that made me cry too. I know I can't prevent the falls or make the fever disappear in a snap, but it's just the fact that she's suffering. It's the hardest thing for me to watch. The love I feel for Taryn as her mother is something I cannot describe. I am understanding more of how our Father in Heaven feels for each and every one of us as His children.

"Siamo andati in giro per la città"
I got to start my weekend off right with a little Girls Outing as we went around Bologna. I love all 5 of my girls. Julie & Isabel, Paige & Ada, Taryn & me. We walked around Centro, went into a few stores, ate Gelato- sponsored by Paige (grazie mille!) and talked talked talked. We all had been stuck inside all week long with sick babes so this outing was much needed! These girls are my lifeline, part of my family and I am grateful that I have them in my life.

Lots of resting up will continue this weekend but this time Tyson will be resting too!

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