Saturday, March 3, 2012

I'm going to wear my sandals today

We had a great Saturday today. We woke up and heading to Giardini Margherita for our morning family walk . I was surprised that there were not a lot of people out considering that the weather was really nice. We talked and walked and made it back home just in time for Taryn's morning nap. Tyson washed dishes and I ironed clothes. We all made it back to the park in the afternoon, Tyson was off to playing basketball and Taryn and I explored the play equipment.It was fun to see a lot of SAIS students running and walking through the park together. We felt the warm rays of the sun on our arms and all the fresh air. Taryn conquered her fear of grass fast! She was walking, running, tripping, and sitting in the grass! Woohoo! She was crazy excited when she saw the playground equipment, doing all sorts of funny actions and noises while she ran over. When we got home, Tyson and I both slipped into our sandals for the rest of the day. My feet have been dying to be in sandals!

Taryn said "hot" for the first time yesterday when I opened the oven followed by a blowing action. She's got her own actions for "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" which include this cool hand twisting motion.

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