Sunday, March 4, 2012

Andiamo a Mestre

Taking a short nap in Daddy's lap on the train as we headed to Mestre

Some of my favorite quotes from this weekend's The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Stake Conference in Venice (Mestre) were:

"Parenting is not a job for the weak"
said by a mother of 14 children from the American Military branch (Her kids range in age from 18 yrs to 5 yrs.... about 16 months apart with 2 sets of twins at the end, one set of which is adopted.) Tyson and I agreed that this was very true. And it may have made me cry. She also told of great Family Home Evening ideas that her family has tried which gave me ideas for the future!

Mentioned not once, but multiple times throughout the Stake President's talk. This is something I constantly need to work at. He told a touching story of his two year old daughter trying to lessen the tension between he and his wife during a driving lesson. I know that Taryn has taught me a lot about patience.

I don't think I ever appreciated how little I had to travel to attend Stake Conference growing up. It was always just a short 15 minute drive to the Stake Center in California. In Arizona, it was even less travel time. Now in Bologna, we travel by train for about 1 1/2 hours where we then have to go by car another 10 -15 minutes to reach the Hotel where the Conference is held. I know there are many people around the world who have to travel much farther than that to attend their Stake Conference and I think they are growing spiritually because of it. All this morning I tried so hard to remain calm and remind myself to have patience as we got everything ready for a long day away from home. I went over everything in my head I had packed the night before over and over again (meals, clothes, toys, diapers etc...) We are grateful to the Poli Family who helped us so much this weekend and invited us to their home afterward in Mestre for a quick lunch.

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