Friday, March 30, 2012

Having so much fun

Her dirty face still looks so cute as she munches on crackers

She got her pants, shoes, shirt, face and hands dirty as she climbed up and down the statue in Piazza Galvani with her bff Ada. She followed Ada up, down , and around, and then branched off on her own, clapping and screaming, having so much fun. It was a beautiful windy 77 degrees today. Taryn wore her sun hat and a short sleeve shirt and I had on my summer dress I bought in Italy 2 years ago with my sister (she has the same one too!)
After our Italian class and some yummy pizza, we met up at the Fontana del Nettuno with Paige and Ada. We visited our favorite Asian Market that Julie had told us about where I pretty much only buy peanut butter. The kind store owner and her daughter always have fun when the babies come to visit. I smile as they say "Bye- Bye," one of the only phrases they know in English.

Then we stopped by the "Oratorio dei Celestini", or Santo Spirito (such a small chiesa but so detailed and beautiful. ) which Tyson and I had seen before but this time, I saw it with a little history floating in the back of my head thanks to my Italian teacher. She is an expert on any subject Italian and can recommend to you places to see all around Europe.

I made a bunch of Cinnamon Rolls last night in preparation for watching General Conference tonight. I kept thinking of all the times I helped my mom cut the cinnamon rolls as she prepared them for General Conferences growing up and how the pans were always overflowing with cinnamon and sugar goodness and the yummy glaze that brought everything together. I'm looking forward to this General Conference weekend with my little family!

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