Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Piadine & Crescentine

A few weeks ago, Tyson was talking to one of his friends, Manu, who is from a little city near Rome. Manu and Tyson were talking about the food of Bologna. Manu couldn't believe that we hadn't tried a Piadina yet. So we put it on our to-do list. All of a sudden Piadina was the most common word I could hear in conversations, even in my Italian class. It made me that much more excited to try it. And lucky for us, we pass a little Piadine shop on our way to and from school. We met up for a lunch date and enjoyed the "simple" piadina- one with proscuitto and one with mortadella.

Next time, we're going to have everything on it. They are delicious. It's something about the special bread and the wonderful Bologna meats. Then came the cresentina. I remember studying about Crescentine in my Italian class last semester and how it's a very common, traditional food. Tyson dubbed it an Italian "empanada" (a little different than a calzone). It was warm and had amazing flavor. When I took a bite, I literally said, "WOW!" out loud.

We arrived with enough time to enjoy our food just before the small hole in the wall establishment became packed with people ordering their piadine on their lunch breaks. That's always a good sign in my book.

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