Monday, March 19, 2012

The Charm of the City

There are a few streets off of the Piazza Maggiore that are filled with flowers, fruits and vegetables, meats, pastas, and little restaurants and cafes. On Saturday, Taryn and I wandered around Centro, checking out the Children's Book Fair near Fontana Nettuno, searching for flowers, listening to music in the Piazza, people watching and taking pictures.
A nice lady packaged up a beautiful bouquet of ranunculus that have now found a nice home on our counter. I love how fresh flowers can brighten up our apartment.

Taryn walked down a few streets in town and stopped right in front of a Cafe when she spotted balloons behind the glass. She was so excited as she pointed to the pretty balloons, jabbering on and on about them. We were only there for just a few seconds before the Cafe worker spotted Taryn looking at the balloons. He came outside with a nice pink one and handed it to her. That little balloon made her day!

Tyson and Taryn went to the park later that day while I went to the Relief Society's 170th birthday celebration. I stepped out of my comfort zone and spoke in Italian about the item I had brought symbolizing what I had learned while in Relief Society. It wasn't easy, but I am so glad I did it. Everyone was so supportive of me after I had finished speaking, clapping and saying "Brava!" It was the little confidence boost I needed. Speaking Italian has been hard for me and I still have a lot to learn. Practice, practice, practice!

When I got home that night, Taryn showed me another balloon that she got at the Park with Daddy. She has loved it so much!

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