Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dear Thursday,

Some letters from this wonderful day that I couldn't just let slip by.

Dear Thursday,
   Thank you for being such a productive day. With a toddler in tow since 8:30am we were on the go, ready to tackle the big To-Do list because we had access to a car today. By 1pm we had completed everything and still had smiles on our faces. We even picked up our favorite books from the library and had a impromptu play date at the park with our friends. You were great from start to finish.  Thank you for adding so much to this already fantastic week!
A productive mother/wife

Dear Taryn,
You amaze me. How you can make it so long in a car seat, in a stroller, in a shopping cart just baffles me. You can find funny in most any situation and constantly remind your mom that there is a need to laugh throughout the day. I love that you call each person you see a "friend." Thank you for being my constant side kick. I am also so overjoyed with how obedient you are. Your tantrum phase seems to have been brushed away and I am happy to see it go. I cannot believe the amount of words/phrases/ and sentences you know. Please tell me again and again how "excited!" you are to be on the swings. That just makes my day!

Dear Tyson,
   This first week of classes has been a great one for you and I love to see your excitement grow each day as you continue to discover more and more about what is making your last semester the best. You are incredible.

Dear Little Toddler Hands,
   I love to see you reaching up to the table to grab a handful of blueberries from the bowl over and over again. Please, take as many as you want.
A Costco bulk buyer (and one happy momma!)
Dear Krispie Kreme,
   Thank you for allowing T & B to have a mini date at home with your company. I am so glad that Valentine's Day means dark chocolate to you.
A Full stomach

Dear Crystal City,
  How do I love thee? Let me count the ways....
Two major grocery stores, Costco, Target, A major mall, Old Navy, a library, a million parks in any direction (all within walking distance from my home), beautiful bike trails, tons of food places and gorgeous homes to entertain my thoughts as we walk- all within 2 miles or less. You make living easy :)
I <3 CC

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