Friday, January 11, 2013

Para Sailing on Christmas Day in Cabo San Lucas

 Christmas Morning in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Our nephew Merrick, being super brave!

 Riding out on a water taxi to our para sailing boats.
Our family lots of Spanish  speakers and I am SO grateful for it. We definitely used their skills while ashore to get around. I LOVE listening to Tyson speak in Spanish, making every day conversation with the locals. And I also LOVE watching their expressions as they look at Tyson, hear him speak, and in shock ask how he speaks Spanish so well. It's great to have even those small missionary moments. Having Tyson's Spanish also helped us get a great deal on a little Mexican dress we bought for Taryn ( those cute pictures to come!)

 We had two big groups in two different boats so the drivers tried to get us close to one another whil up in the air and it worked! Brittany & Brooke below with Cameron & Jana above.

 Brittany and Brooke landing

Me and my sister-in-law Jen

 Jen & I had a lot of fun being up in the air. I saw a HUGE fish near the surface of the water (my brother said it was probably a shark- ugh!) while in the air and we got kinda creeped out. But it was so peaceful up there and so incredibly beautiful. I had never been para sailing before and I would absolutely go again! When the boat started pulling us in, the driver started to go slower and slower. We got even more scared and started screaming, "NO NO NO NO!!!!" but before we knew it, our feet were being "dipped" into the super warm ocean water!!! It was awesome! I'm just also really happy that it was just our feet :)

 Tyson and our nephew, Ethan (11 years old). Tyson has been para sailing before but with a start from the beach. He said this as great!

Taryn slept for most of the time we were on the boats para sailing. I was holding onto her for dear life. Seriously I thought with the crazy choppy ocean water and the scary driving that she would be over board in seconds. I had my sister Brittany help me put a life jacket on her the second we got in the boat. But she was just fine and slept the whole time in my arms and in Grandpa's while I was in the air.

WOOHOO!!! We para sailed in Cabo!!
(Can you spot Tys jumping w/ Taryn?)

 Lands End at sun set.
Where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez

We went down the water slide after getting back on the boat and then headed to dinner.  


 Cabo looked so beautiful at night from the top deck of the Cruise Ship.

The amazing Christmas date and fig pate I mentioned in the previous blog post.

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