Thursday, January 17, 2013

Celebrating 60 years with Hostess and family

To the man who helped raise 8 children
Who helped with their college applications
Who edited countless essay's 
Who planned amazing family vacations to a "T" since I can remember
Who inspires greatness in everyone
Who encourages individual dreams
 Who is always looking out for his children
Who is a loving husband

**Who (with my mom) went to several stores in search of Twinkies and any Hostess products left when the word was out that they were going Bankrupt,  put them in the freezer, and saved them just so their grandchildren would know what it was like to experience a Hostess product. 
He is a great man. I love to call him Dad.

 The Hostess platter (there were two! plus fruit pies!)
No twinkies were found but the zingers came real close!

And a doughnut cake 

And lots of loving family members around the table.

We celebrated my Dad's 60th birthday a few weeks early because almost everyone was there and we wouldn't see each other until February for my sister's wedding. We all went around the table and shared one memory we had about our Dad. We were all in tears as we shared our tender loving memories of how wonderful our Father is.  There were so many great ones, and I think one memory that made us all cry even harder was my little niece Berkleigh who completely lost it in the middle of us sharing memories. She was sobbing uncontrollably and we all thought it was just because she was so touched (she's almost 6 years old!) But after the crying had stopped and we were cleaning up, Berkleigh whispered her loving thoughts about Grandpa Scott in her dad's ear (my brother Tyson). Tyson (my brother) burst into tears and shared what Berkleigh had said to all of us. 
"Berkleigh said she is grateful for Grandpa because without him, she wouldn't have her Dad." 
Insert crying here. 
 How tender is that?!! And she's almost 6 years old!!!

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