Sunday, January 13, 2013

Last Days on the Cruise


Some of my favorite Taryn moments on the Cruise
  At dinner

Tyson: "Taryn, do you want chicken or pasta for dinner?"
Taryn: "Ummm.....cookies!"
Brianna: " Taryn, you can have chicken or pasta."
Taryn: "Umm.....cookies!"
 (after dinner when the cookies came, she didn't even eat them. Go figure)

 And so many other great memories!
 Cereal encrusted French Toast

 The great food!

At  dinner one night,  Taryn was falling asleep in her high chair before we had even ordered. 
Taryn turned to me and said, "Mommy, I want nap."
So I rushed back to our cabin, grabbed a pillow and blanket, came back to see her half asleep on Tyson's shoulder, put the blanket & pillow under the table with Taryn and she fell right asleep.
 I will always give this girl a nap when she asks for it! It was such a peaceful dinner too :)

 Mini golf. Taryn's a natural.

 Giant connect four board on the Lido deck

 Relaxing while Taryn napped

 Having all the Scott grandkids in the Children's play room.

 Trying to get the 4 girls together in their Mexican dresses. 
There is always that problem child :)
I love the first shot where Quincy has her hand on Taryn's shoulder, trying to comfort her. Ah...cousins!

 Crazy curly humidity hair!

 Towel creations. Tyson was far better than me

Playing Rook and speed scrabble late at night and then before/after lunch
(In the background, Tyson is playing with another group of my family....and a random man who saw how much fun (and how much noise we were making!) and asked to learn how to play Rook. Pretty sure we changed his life forever :)

Going to the Piano Bar to listen to one man sing a million songs he knew off the top of his head. Tyson requested the Beatles :)

Spending time with these two

Going to a yoga class with my sister on Christmas morning.

And being surrounded by this the entire time. 
Thanks Mom and Dad for a wonderful family vacation! 
Thanks for turning 60 years old this year, Dad!!!
We missed you, Ashleigh!
I loved not having to wash a single dish and I think I was spoiled not to have to cook/menu plan anything for an entire week
I loved listening to Taryn call for her cousins, "Friends! Where are you?!"
It was great to be able to spend time with my family before, during, and after the Cruise.
I loved that we spent an entire week away from phones and computers. 
I loved having our room be magically cleaned twice a day :)
I love the memories we made and the great adventures we had.
It was a fun way to end 2012.

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